Question type-1: Write a paragraph on Child labor in your own word in about 200 words.

Question type-2:
Write a paragraph on Child labor by answering the following questions-
(a) Who are child and what is child labor?
(b) Why is child labor existed?
(c) Why is it prohibited?
(d) Why do parents tend to send their kids to work?
(e) How can this problem be solved?

Question type-3:

Write a paragraph on Child labor by following the following hints-
What it is-causes-responsible persons-social problem-consequences-solution-conclusion

Suggested answer:

Child Labor


When a child is compelled to work, it is called child labor. According to international law, those who are under 18 are called child and if they have to work, this is called child labor. It is completely prohibited and engaging children in such a work which is applicable for a man is punishable. But the reality is that children are working in mills and factory, here and there deliberately. As a result they are being deprived of their fundamental rights. They do not get proper food and clothing, proper care and healthy environment. At the age when they are supposed to be at school, they are forced to work in a garment factory or as a hotel boy or as a tempo helper or so on. Sometimes they collect garbage and sometimes have to work in a very risky environment in a factory. Consequently their physical and mental development is disrupted and they live an inhuman life. However, child labor is inhuman and this cruel practice is banned in all the countries of the world. But as a matter of fact, it is not so easy to stop child labor as it is announced. The harsh fact in case of the third world countries is that children willingly go to work in search of living or save them from the cruel hunger. Parents also like to engage their children in work as they think it will supplement their family income and thus they will get rid of hardship of family maintenance. In this situation, government alone cannot solve this problem single-handed. All concerned should come forward to save our future generation from heavy torture of work and make opportunity of protecting all of their rights including education. Ultimately we expect a happy child-labor-free world.

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