Social media-paragraph

Question type-1: Write a paragraph on Social media in your own word in about 200 words.

Question type-2:
Write a paragraph on Social media by answering the following questions-
(a) What is social media?
(b) What are the popular media?
(c) How has this media changed the whole world?
(d) What are the reasons of popularity of this type of media?
(e) How communication can be done through this media?
(e) How can this media help the businessmen?

Question type-3:

Write a paragraph on Social media by following the following hints-
Where it is-revolution of communication-popularity-business world-conclusion

Suggested answer:

Social Media


Social media or social networks are the web based services that provide ways for the users to interact through the internet. They are usually used for social communication. There are many social networking services throughout internet. Among them, Facebook is the most popular. Besides, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, Youtube etc. are the frequently used social networks. These services allow users to share their matters of interest and activities across borders by commenting, sending message, giving like and uploading multimedia like image, video etc. In this way, people connecting with internet are actually connected with the whole world and they feel that they are really living in the global village. Social network services are expanding faster than the internet itself. This is because accessing to these networks is becoming easier, cheaper and more beneficial day by day. Any user can use these networks free of cost except paying a little to the internet service provider. Social media has occupied most of the time of many people’s business. Through this service one can present oneself to the entire online community as well as to the whole world by making personal profile. Privacy protection measures have made this service more popular and trustworthy. Through privacy settings, a user himself or herself can decide over the number of viewers or visitors and what information should be shared with others. Nowadays this networks have become the media of spreading online business. Anybody, through social media, can promote his/her virtual or physical products of business to his friends, relatives or fans. In this way, social media is the great gateway to reach the customers and clients to expand anybody’s business. Communication has greatly improved by continual growth of social media. It has evolved communication to new heights.

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