Question type-1: Write a paragraph on Eve-teasing in your own word in about 200 words.

Question type-2:
Write a paragraph on Eve-teasing by answering the following questions-
(a) What is eve-teasing?
(b) Who are eve-teaser?
(c) How do the teasers tease women?
(d) What are the outcomes of eve-teasing?
(e) How can this problem be solved?

Question type-3:

Write a paragraph on Eve-teasing by following the following hints-
Where it is-who are eve-teasers-social problem-consequences-solution-conclusion

Suggested answer:



Eve-teasing is an evil practice of harassing or irritating young girls or women by the young men and youngsters, especially, in public places or workplaces. It is a great humiliation inflicted upon women and a shock to women’s dignity. Nowadays it has become a great social problem. It is a common scene that teasers lie in wait beside school and college gate, at the turning point of roads and by the workplaces of women where movement of girls and women is usual. They tease them by casting obscene words upon them, by showing ugly gesture most of which mean sexual invitation or offering dirty love. However this Intentional annoyance has great negative impact on women’s body and mind. This misdeed leaves deep psychological scar to many young girls and women. As a result they get wound and are left vulnerable to the male-dominated society. They get frightened to get out of the house or guardians don’t let them to do that. In most of the cases, society and even the victim woman herself blame the female sufferers for this incident. As a result, victims of eve-teasing become helpless and frustrated for not being able to do anything about the incident. Consequently many victims leave academic life or work places or are forced by the guardians to leave them. Among them, some lose all the hopes of avoiding this shameful shocking incident and commit suicide. Eve-teasing is a social problem. It is a social crime. Many term it as a sexual oppression. So, measures should be taken to prevent this unsocial practice. Both men and women should be made aware against the dangerous effects of eve-teasing on women. Government should enact law keeping provision of exemplary punishment to the eve-teasers and enforce it strictly. According to the social scientists- decadence of social and moral values and lack of religious dictum are mainly responsible for eve-teasing. So, thinking of preventing eve-teasing is nothing but building castle in the air unless social, moral and religious values of man are improved.

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