Question type-1: Write a paragraph on Self-reliance in your own word in about 200 words.

Question type-2:

Write a paragraph on Self-reliance by answering the following questions-
(a) What is Self-reliance?
(b) Who is a self-reliant person?
(c) What are the necessities of this virtue?
(d) How can this virtue makes a man successful?
(e) Why should we acquire this virtue?

Question type-3:

Write a paragraph on Self-reliance by following the following hints-
what it is-a self-reliant man-importance-success by self-reliance-how to acquire-conclusion

Suggested answer:



Self-reliance simply means doing or thinking or deciding something by oneself or without depending on others. It is a great virtue which inspires a man to do something by own to stand on his own feet in the struggle of life. A self-reliant person is always confident of his ability and worth and, therefore he likes to go his own way. It is a quality that is essential for the successful in the world. The great and successful persons in various fields are always genius, creative and thoughtful and thus self-reliant. It is natural that numerous problems endanger us in our way of life. But those who can think creatively and take a right and timely decision can overcome them and speed up their journey of life. And this is possible by a self-reliant person. In the field of politics, importance of self-reliance is unlimited. Those who are prompt, tactful and instant decision-maker in dealing with people of various values, tastes and opinions are the successful leaders. There are thousands of youths in our country who remain unemployed after completing their education. Among them, many are highly qualified and talented. They keep waiting for years to grasp a job provided by the government. If they possessed this quality of self-reliance, they could surely be self employed and lead life much more nicely than they could dream of. There are also glaring examples of such self-reliant youths who not only rose to top position of life by being self-employed but provided jobs for many unemployed people. In fact, self reliance is a feeling of trust that someone has in his or her efforts and abilities. This trust leads him/her to pursue success around own capabilities. In a word, we can follow the life and works of the great men in our respective fields but being self-reliant means being like our own. Therefore, we all should try to acquire the virtue of self-reliance to attain ultimate success in life.

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