Question type-1: Write a paragraph on My childhood in your own word in about 200 words.

Question type-2:

Write a paragraph on My childhood by answering the following questions-
(a) How was your childhood?
(b) How do you feel about your childhood?
(c) What are the important happenings of your childhood?
(d) What are the bitter experiences of your childhood?
(e) What is your opinion about your childhood?

Question type-3:

Write a paragraph on My childhood by following the following hints-
How it was-feeling-important events-pleasure and pain-conclusion

Suggested answer:

My childhood


Childhood is the most beautiful of all life’s seasons. There may have happenings of all joy and sorrow in childhood but when we look through the narrow channel of mind at the past days of childhood, all seem to be dreamy. My childhood days were also beautiful. They were full of pleasure and pain. But everything has turned into a meaningful story on a happy background. I was born in a village by the river Meghna. My playground was the open-wide field spreading front and the bank of the river. I used to play different country games like gollachhut, dariabandha, danguli, bouchi, ha-do-do etc. with my friends. Different seasons came to my childhood days with their impressive color, fragrance, tune and melody which are still present deep in my heart. During rainy season, when water covered the fields near our house, I caught fish with others with angle and bathed in the new water playing different unknown games. My first day at school is still lucid in my memory. During winter mother prepared different delicious pithas and I liked to eat those sitting in the winter sun at morning. I went to the Maktab of my village to study Arabic where many times we had to be beaten by the teacher (Huzur). During Eid festivals our joys knew no bound which are still fresh in my mind. Thousands of such happenings of my childhood are peeping through my mind which needs a book to describe in. After all, my childhood days were all free, restless and full of sweet joy. I passed these days as if I were a pigeon flying in the sky.

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