Question type-1: Write a letter to your younger brother advising him not to involve in so-called student politics

Question type-2:Suppose you are Shahjahan living at Potenga, Chittagong. Your younger brother Fahad who studies at Jahangirnagar University, Dhaka is connected with student politics. Recently you saw a news that there had been a serious violence between two rival political groups of students. Reasonably you are anxious about your brother’s future. Now,

50A. Write a letter to your younger brother advising him not to involve in so-called student politics

Suggested answer:

Agrabad, Chittagong
28 August, 2017

Dear Fahad,

It is a long time since I heard from you. I am very anxious about your hostel life. However; don’t forget to inform me of overall condition of your study time to time and make me free of tension.

Recently I have heard from one of your friends that you have got yourself involved in student politics. This is really frustrating, Fahad. You should bear in mind that a student’s primary objectives should be learning not politics. You may put argument that college-university is the practice ground of politics and show evidence of students’ glorious presence and contributions to politics in the past. But Fahad, scenario of student politics in the campus is quite different nowadays. In the past, students were devoted to education and moved in politics only when the country needed. But now students, in most cases, are falling prey to politics and becoming puppet in the hands of sly politicians who are giving arms to students’ hand for their own interest. Now the situation is no arms no politics and practice of fair politics is gradually missing out from the campus. Talented students are returning home being dead body. Some are engaging themselves in terrorist activities. Rivalry among different student groups to spread authority in campus is continuous. As a result, clashes take place frequently which greatly hampers congenial educational atmosphere and sometimes results in closure of educational institutions sine die. Now it is earnest demand of all the parents and conscientious persons of the society to stop student politics as soon as possible. We no longer want to see valuable lives of students lost falling prey to student politics. Now, will you push your life towards deeper uncertainty and danger yet remaining involved in student politics beyond our consent?

I think you won’t. And from now on, I expect, you will fully concentrate on your study leaving such a politics. Hope for your brighter future.

Lovingly yours

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