Question type-1: Write a paragraph on City life and rural life in your own word in about 200 words.

Question type-2:

Write a paragraph on City life and rural life by answering the following questions-
(a) What is the main distinctive feature of city life and rural life?
(b) How are people of city?
(c) How are the people of village?
(d) How is city life?
(e) How is rural life?
(f) What is your opinion about city life and rural life?

Question type-3:
Write a paragraph on City life and rural life by following the following hints-
distinctive feature-village people-city people-village life-city life-conclusion

Suggested answer:

City Life and Rural Life/Village Life and Town Life


City life and rural life are quite distinctive. Both have some different advantages and also disadvantages. We clearly see that the villages are naturally made. Wherever we cast our eyes, we see glamour and originality everywhere in the village. Rural life is devoid of hassle and full of quietness and peace although the villagers are deprived of many modern facilities. On the contrary, the city or town is artificially made. So the environment and even the mentality of the townsmen are artificial. In the town live the people who are always-busy and rushing towards ahead for self-interest. They enjoy all modern facilities. Most developed schools, colleges, universities, hospitals, banks, government offices, roads, transports and industries—all are at their grip. But the city people have to lead a complex life. They have to take adulterated food and drink, breath in polluted environment. So they are more likely to be affected by different complex diseases. They are self-centered and sensual which is why they even do not know their neighbors. But the rural people are simple and easy-going. They are peace-loving and helpful and compassionate to the distress of others. They grow up and lead life in the midst of affection of nature, pure air, fresh food, and mutual co-operation. Though they don’t enjoy modern facilities, they remain carefree. Usually they are happy with what they have and they are. However, there are merits and demerits of both city life and rural life. But whether a person lives in town or village it is possible for him/her to lead a life full of prosperity, humanity and peace.

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