Q. Type-1:

Write a paragraph on Keeping a diary in your own word in about 200 words.

Q. Type-2:

Write a paragraph on Keeping a diary by answering the following questions-
(a) What is keeping a diary?
(b) What is its importance?
(c) How is a diary kept of maintained?
(d) How does keeping a diary influence later life?
(e) How can diary be shared?

Q. Type-3:

Write a paragraph on Keeping a diary by following the following hints-
what it is-importance-How to keep diary-record for past-influence in later life-sharing joys and sorrows

Suggested answer:

Keeping a Diary


A diary is a record of daily events, thoughts, feelings, views and experience that are kept written on regular basis. Keeping a diary or maintaining a diary is very essential for a conscious person. In this short life, many things happen; many ideas, plans and wishes cross through our mind. We cannot keep all of them in mind. If we keep important ones of them recorded in written form, we can read and recollect them in future whenever we need. Also others can read them if we give permission and share our joys, sorrows, likes, dislikes, hobbies, ideas and story of our failure and success. A complete diary, in other word, is our life sketch. Almost all the famous persons of the world kept their own diary. Their diary is a great source for the biographer to discover them in their biography. So keeping diary is a very good habit which also eventually helps to improve writer’s free-hand writing skill. Many a man likes to practice writing poems and other creative thinking in their diary which, in many cases, influences his/her later life and career. The habit of keeping a diary should be formed from the primary stage of life. Student life is the best period to make this a habit by continuous practicing. We all should keep our own diary regularly as it also acts as the inspiration to go ahead rectifying our mistakes made in the past.

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