Q. Type-1:

Write a paragraph on A Science Fair You Visited or Your Visit to a Science Fair in your own word in about 200 words.

Q. Type-2:

Write a paragraph on A Science Fair You Visited by answering the following questions-
(a) What is a science fair?
(b) Why is a science fair organized?
(c) Who take part in the science fair?
(d) Which science fair did you visit?
(e) What role did you play?
(f) How were you benefited from the science fair?

Q. Type-3:

Write a paragraph on A Science Fair You Visited by following the following hints-
what it is-aim-participants-fair environment-different projects and innovations-curiosity-experience-conclusion.

Suggested answer:

A Science Fair You Visited / Your Visit to a Science Fair

A science fair is the fair that is organized to display the scientific things usually innovated by the students. The aim of science fair is to arouse curiosity among the students about science, make them science-oriented and help develop their inventive thought. A few days ago, I participated in a science fair organized by the District Education Office of Narayangonj. Twenty educational institutes participated in the fair. Each institute has respective stalls. Our college was one of them. I was one of the participants. It was a three-day long program. The stalls were adorned very tastefully. A well-decorated stage was set up at one corner of the big fair ground. On the first day, the fair was opened by the Education Minister. Some renowned educationists and scientists also attended the opening ceremony. It was the first time I participated in such a fair. I was so spirited that I was engaged in the fair activity all the time. I went round stall to stall and gathered much experience. Many scientific projects were put to display by creative science learners. Some of them were- making solar oven, creating lightning, process of telling time by the sun, Windmill model, making biogas from garbage and so on. We presented a model of simple electric motor. Our project drew the attention of the visitors and the judge. It was selected for the second prize. On the concluding session, prizes and certificates were distributed. All the speakers delivered encouraging speech on science learning to the little scientists. I was inspired by the occasion so highly that I won’t hesitate to take scientific research as worship of my life.

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