Q. Type-1:

Write a paragraph on A Bridal Party or A Wedding Party in your own word in about 200 words.

Q. Type-2:

Write a paragraph on A Bridal Party by answering the following questions-
(a) What is a bridal party?
(b) Who participated in a bridal party?
(c) How does a bridal party look?
(d) What is the common scene of a bridal party?
(e) What is the main attraction of a bridal party?
(f) How do people react to a bridal party? 

Q. Type-3:

Write a paragraph on A Bridal Party by following the following hints-
Bridal party-arrangement-dress-adornment of women-look-people’s reaction-bridegroom-amusement-reception-opinion.

Suggested answer:

A Bridal Party / A Wedding Party


On the appointed day of the marriage ceremony, a group of people-relatives and invited guests of the bridegroom-go to the bride’s house to take part in marital feast and formality; this is called bridal party or wedding party. A bridal party is really eye-catching to look at. Very often, surrounded by the jolly and jovial participants, the bridegroom’s car, adorned with impressive flowers, proceeds through the road creating a beautiful scene. People-men, women or children- wear their best dresses. Women leave no stone unturned to draw others’ attention by adorning themselves with dazzling dress and ornament. There are greeting, smiles, laughter and merriment among people. Many interested people look through the window or stand by the roadside to gaze at the bridal procession. The bridegroom, the center of all arrangements, wears bridal dress and is escorted by his closest friends, sometimes, with a motor rally. All the way of journey continues joy and fun. On reaching the bride’s spot, warmest reception is given to the bridal party as per the marital ritual of the country. However, Taking part in a bridal party is really interesting and amusing. Also it is no less joyous enjoying bridal journey and events.

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