Q. Type-1:

Write a paragraph on Smoking or Dangers of Smoking in your own word in about 200 words.

Q. Type-2:

Write a paragraph on Smoking or Dangers of Smoking by answering the following questions-
(a) What is smoking?
(b) Why do people go on smoking?
(c) How is smoking dangerous?
(d) What is the effects of smoking on body and mind?
(e) How can smoking be prevented?

Q. Type-3:

Write a paragraph on Smoking or Dangers of Smoking by following the following hints-
smoking-dangerous habit-harmful effects-various diseases-harmful particles-nicotine-wastage of money-diminishes of life-social curse-measures to prevent smoking-government-social organizations-opinion.

Suggested answer:

Smoking/Dangers of Smoking

Smoking is a dangerously bad habit. People addicted to smoking bring about ruin to themselves. Many people start smoking because they believe that it removes their tiredness, and they look smart while smoking. But the effects of smoking are very fatal. Though many people know this, they hardly care for this. Why? As a matter of fact, once addicted to smoking, the smokers cannot give it up. Smoking is like taking poison because it affects the smokers dangerously. Smoking causes many fatal diseases like cancer, heart attack, bronchitis, lung cancer, blood cancer, diabetes, high cholesterol, cough, tuberculosis, Asthma and so on. It is also responsible for poor vision and stained teeth. Nicotine of tobacco badly disturbs the free circulation of blood through veins. Gradually, it diminishes the longevity of life. According to World Health Organization (WHO); in every six second, one person dies due to tobacco related illness. It is also a cause of wastage of money. Young smokers sometimes cause various social evils. A non-smoker is also affected by the smoking of the smokers. Smoking publicly is prohibited in our country. Many ads are displayed here and there highlighting the evil-effects of smoking. Yet smokers are going on smoking as if they had the right to do on their body whatever they like. Smoking is a curse for human civilization, and so we must prevent it. Many organizations are campaigning against smoking. Government should also be more sincere to discourage and disallow tobacco-related productions. In fine, it is our consciousness that can save the world from terrible effects of smoking.

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