Q. Type-1:

Write a paragraph on An Export Fair in your own word in about 200 words.

Q. Type-2:

Write a paragraph on An Export Fair by answering the following questions-
(a) What is An Export Fair?
(b) By whom and Why is An Export Fair organized?
(c) What is the aim of An Export Fair?
(d) Who visit the fair?
(e) What role does An Export Fair play in a country?

Q. Type-3:

Write a paragraph on An Export Fair by following the following hints-
An export fair-its aim and purpose-stalls and pavilions-customers and visitors-foreign importers-source of enjoyment-economic and social value-opinion.

Suggested answer:

An Export Fair

Export fair is the fair which is organized for displaying various types of goods and commodities to make them acquainted to the native buyers as well as to the foreign importers. The main purpose of an export fair is publicity of the commercial articles to different kinds of consumers of home and abroad to introduce them to the international market. It is usually organized by the concerned authority of the government. Different companies and organizations set up their respective stalls with a view to displaying their products to open these to the notice of probable customers and to sell them. They supply brochures to advertise the qualities of their articles and offer attractive commission to sell. So many people look forward to the fair to accomplish their desired purchase once a year. Fair is always a charm to all kinds of people. Many visitors of home and abroad go to the export fair to enjoy this charm. Many foreign buyers gather there to justify the qualities of products of different companies with a motive to buy in future. Usually crowd is noticed at evening and during holidays. An export fair bears a great importance from the economic and cultural points of view. It expands international trade and commerce of a country and thus contributes to the national economy. Visitors can easily get acquainted with the manners, fashions and cultures of different countries and nations from an export fair without visiting those countries. Thus an export fair plays a significant role in a country’s economic development. Every country should take initiative to organize export fair in their country every year.

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