29C. Write an application to the Principal for organizing a debating club in the college.

Suggested answer:

21 January, 2013
The Principal,
Tejgaon College,
Farmgate, Dhaka.
Subject: Prayer for organizing a debating club.

Dear Sir,

We, the students of your college, beg to draw your attention to the fact that there is no debating club in our college. A debating club is an essential part of a college and a good form of extra-curricular activity. But in want of a debating club, we cannot practice as well as take part in any debating competitions. As a result, we are lagging behind in this field.

Contextually, debating is not merely an altercation between two groups over a conflicting subject. It develops skills of speaking or delivering speech what is essential for us for future leadership. Debating also flourishes logical skill and power of reasoning. And we think college campus is the best practice ground of such qualities. For this, there is no alternative to setting up a debating club in the college..

Therefore, we earnestly request you to take necessary steps to set up a debating club in our college to pave the way to practicing debate.

Sincerely yours
Class: xi, Group: Science, Sec: A, Roll: 08
On behalf of the students of Tejgaon College

Same other applications to different authorities; for different grades of students; of different classes; in different situations and styles.


29A. Write an application to the Headmaster for organizing a debating club in the school.
29B. Write an application to the Headmaster for setting up a debating club in your school (shortened).

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