The Truthfulness of Hazrat Abdul Quadir Zilani (R)/ Truthful Boy Abdul Quadir Zilani / Abdul Quadir Zilani’s Obedience to Mother

Abdul Quadir Zilani (R), the great saint, was going to Bagdad for education in his boyhood. His mother who was a pious woman was sending him to Bagdad with a group of merchants. On the eve of departure, she said to him, “My son, never tell a lie.”

Bagdad was a long distance from his house. He started his journey in company with the merchants. At that time communication was not easy and robbery was a common fact on the way of caravan. However, after a few days, a gang of robbers fell upon the travelers. They took away all the money and valuable things from the merchants. Then one of the robbers asked him what he had with him. Noticing this, the leader of the robbers said, “Let him go. He had nothing with him.” The boy replied bravely, “I have forty gold coins with me. My mother had sewn those in my sleeves.” Hearing this, the miscreants got astonished. They asked him why he had told them about his hidden gold coins. In reply, the boy said, “My mother had forbidden me to tell a lie even in danger.” Such a true word from a little boy had spread a great influence on the gang leader. His mind changed radically and he gave up robbery forever with all his men. They began to lead an honest and ethical life.

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