King Lear and His Daughters / Three daughters of King Lear / Who of the Daughters loves Lear Most

Once there was a king in England named King Lear. As he grew old, he wanted to divide his kingdom among his three daughters-Goneril, Regan and Cordelia.

One day he called his daughters in his court and asked each of them how much they loved him.

First Lear asked his eldest daughter Goneril. Goneril declared that she loved him more than she could say. The answer satisfied the king. He asked for the map of his kingdom and drew his finger round one-third of it and allotted it for Goneril. The king then uttered the same question to his second daughter Regan. Regan replied that her love for him would never end and change. Lear was very pleased and gave her another one-third of his kingdom. Then it was the turn of Cordelia, the youngest and the most beloved daughter of the king. King’s expectation from her was more than the two other daughters. But Cordelia answered otherwise. She did not want to flatter her father like her two sisters. She gently spoke the truth that when she would be married, her love would, to great extent, be stored for her husband. So, her love for father could not be unconditional. This reply enraged the king and he instantly disinherited Cordelia from his property and also banished her from the kingdom. Through a long historic tragedy, Lear could understand that he made a great mistake in identifying the true daughter.

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