The Lion and the Mouse

Once, a lion was sleeping in his cave in a deep forest. A mouse was sleeping nearby. Once it ran over the lion’s body accidentally. At this the lion awoke up and grew very angry. He instantly caught hold of the little mouse. The mouse got very much frightened. But it did not lose hope. It daringly said to the lion, O, your majesty! I am a little creature. I made a little mistake. Please forgive me this time. One day I may come to your help. Hearing this, the lion laughed at him, ‘’How can a little mouse help a lion?” he thought. However, the lion took pity on the mouse and let it go. One night the mouse heard the roar of a lion. Having reached the spot, the mouse saw that the lion was trapped in a hunter’s net. He instantly started to cut the rope with his sharp teeth. In a few minutes, the lion was set free. He expressed his gratitude to the mouse and realized that even a little creature can help a giant animal.

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