Question type-1: Write a dialogue between a customer and a waiter of a hotel.

Question type-2: Suppose it is the time of your breakfast. You have entered a hotel to take breakfast. Now,

Write a dialogue between a customer and a waiter of a hotel

Suggested answer:
A dialogue between me (a customer) and a waiter of a hotel during breakfast—

Waiter : Hello sir, how can I help you?
Customer: I want to have a breakfast. What items of breakfast do you have?
Waiter : Our breakfast items are ruti, parata and Bhuna Khichuri.
Customer: What other items are available with parata?
Waiter : You can take dal, egg, vaji, chicken soup or beef liver with parata.
Customer: OK, give me parata, dal and fried egg.
Waiter : OK, wait a bit. (After a while)
Sorry sir, it is already 11 a.m. and dal is already finished. Do you have any other choice?
Customer: How much is beef liver?
Waiter : 60 taka per half plate.
Customer: Is it fried or curry?
Waiter : We have fried liver; very tasty.
Customer: OK, give me parata and beef liver.
Waiter : (After a while) Here is your breakfast, sir.
Customer: Where is salad? Don’t you have salad?
Waiter : Oh sorry, ……. Here is salad? Anything else?
Customer: Give me a bottle of mineral water.
Waiter : One liter or half liter?
Customer: Half liter will do.
Waiter : Here it is, sir. Please call me if you need.
Customer: OK.
(After breakfast finishes)
Waiter : Would you take tea, sir.
Customer: No, I won’t. What is your bill?
Waiter : 90 taka.
Customer: Here is 100 taka. The rest is your tip.
Waiter : Thank you very much, sir. Come again.
Customer: Thank you too.


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