The Internet

The internet is one of the most wonderful inventions of modern science. It is an epoch-making technology man has experienced next to computer. It is the network of numerous computers that are connected to each other to exchange information quickly between computers around the world. The internet got its start in the early 1960s in the United States. Today almost one-third of the world’s 6.8 billion people uses internet regularly. It has brought about a revolution in the field of communication. It has added a new dimension in world’s computer culture. Men are getting more and more dependent on internet day by day. Man’s education, recreation, business and social communication, buying and selling, rites and rituals, organizational works—all have turned into internet based activities. It has millions of smaller domestic, academic, business and government networks and websites in which anybody from anywhere can access and find their desired information. The use of e-mail through internet has opened a new horizon in the field of communication. Now man can send and receive electronic letter from one computer to another instantly. Internet has introduced a new age in the field of social communication. People can easily and instantly share their feelings, thoughts, ideas, image, audio and video through the social networks like Facebook, Tweeter, Google+, Linkedin etc. These sites are the most popular to all sections of people irrespective of child or old. Internet is being used everywhere for chatting through text massage, phone calling or video calling, to shop sitting at home, to send or receive money instantly from or to anywhere around the world, to pay bill, for electronic banking, to listen to music, to watch movie and live television channels, to transfer and share files and so on. The uses of internet are too many to describe. There is no sphere of life where internet is not used. The present range of internet activity is also increasing every day.


Famous messages


As far as having peace within myself, the one way I can do that is forgiving the people who have done wrong to me. It causes more stress to build up anger. Peace is more productive.

― Rodney King

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