Pahela Boishakh

Pahela Boishakh is the first day of Bangla new year. This day is very significant for the Bangalees. It is a part and parcel of Bengali culture and tradition. People of all walks of life celebrate the day with traditional festivities across the country. Different classes of people and organizations celebrate the day in different ways. Traders and shopkeepers arrange ‘Halkhata’ festival in which they offer sweets to their customers and clients. Besides they closes all the old accounts of the old year and open new account book to start their activities anew. On this day, Common people like to wear traditional dresses and eat traditional food like ‘Panta Bhat’ with fried Hilsha and green chilli. Men wear pajamas and punjabis while women dress themselves with white saris with red borders and adorn themselves with colorful churis and flowers. Different socio-cultural organizations observe the day by presenting cultural functions. To welcome the day the biggest cultural function is held at dawn in Dhaka at Ramna Batamul organized by Chhyanata, a leading cultural organization in the country. Mass media also have special programmes to observe the day. Boishakhi fair is also one of the most attractive cultures of Pahela Boishakh which is held in different places throughout the country. In fact, observance of the Pahela Boishakh is a native culture of the Bengali speaking people. Every Bangalee eagerly wait for the day all the year round.


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