The Greenhouse Effect

A greenhouse is a building, room, or area usually made of glass, in which the temperature is maintained within a desired range, used for cultivating tender plants or growing plants out of season. A greenhouse heats up when incoming sunshine is absorbed inside the structure. But this heat is entrapped by the glass-made roof and wall and is retained in the building. Similarly, we can compare the earth’s atmosphere to the greenhouse. If the greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide increase in the atmosphere, they can entrap heat of the sun preventing from escaping much like the glass panels of a greenhouse. This process is known as greenhouse effect. Due to greenhouse effect the average temperature of the atmosphere increases resulting in natural disasters in the earth. Notable greenhouse gases are carbon dioxide, water vapor, CFC, nitrous oxide methane etc. But the most influential factor for greenhouse effect is carbon dioxide which is emitted by burning fossil fuels to run buses and trucks, for electricity generation, in different manufacturing industries, to heat the house and so on. Other gases are also being released in one way or other. Deforestation is also responsible for increasing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. A large number of trees are being cut down or burnt in need of agriculture and habitat. As a result, a significant change is noticed in the climate of the earth resulting in frequent and untimely floods, cyclone, drought, tsunami etc. Due to temperature rising, polar ice caps are melting causing sea level to rise. Rising sea level may flood the low lying coastal areas and change in land productivity on a large scale. During the recent years, emission of greenhouse gases has become a matter of great concern all over the world. It is human being who can save the earth by controlling the greenhouse gas emission.
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