A Visit to a Place of Historical Importance

Last year I, with some of my friends, visited Sonargaon which is a place of great historical importance. It is located about 25 kilometers east of Dhaka. We hired a bus to go there. On the appointed day, we reached Sonargaon at 10 a.m. After taking breakfast, we went out sight-seeing. Once, Sonargaon was the capital of Isha Khan, an independent ruler of Bengal. It is our world famous artist Joinul Abedin who took initiatives to preserve the relics of our ancient history. He also established a folk museum called Lokoshilpa Jadogar there. We saw many old buildings bearing the testimony of the ancient history of Bangla. Sonargaon is too wonderful and fascinating to describe. Actually it can be called a huge park. There are rows of trees, mango garden, flower garden with various flowers and many ponds here. Various architectural works are preserved here and there. At about 12 a.m. we entered the ‘Lokoshilpo Jadogar’ and enjoyed the relics of folk life style and culture preserved in it. After lunch, we went to visit the historic ‘Panch Pirer Majar’ and the ‘Majar of Giasuddin Azam Shah’. Every now and then we took snaps standing by the famous historic relics. In the meantime, Somebody had their shopping from the ‘Jamdani Polli’ and different stalls of folk things there. At around 5 p.m., we left Sonargaon and started our return journey.


Famous messages


I started realizing how the condition of our hearts affects the way we see. If your heart is full of bitterness, anger, and resentment, you’re going to look at this world as a very evil place.

― Danny Gokey

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