My Childhood Memories

Childhood is the one story that stands by itself in every soul—is a famous quote. Really there is no person who didn’t remember his childhood in life again and again in joys or sorrows or in lonely moment. Everybody loves to dive into the sweet memory of childhood and wish to find himself in that life. However, such is my feeling about my childhood and I think all the memories of childhood are the sweetest. Childhood was not merely a world full of miracles, it was a miraculous world. So, if anything was unpleasant, it was only in sense of the child.
Childhood Memories paragraph

I sometimes recall my childhood, especially in my success and failure. I wish I could go back to my childhood and restart my life. Sometimes I start laughing alone thinking how trifling things made me happy and sad.

I was born in a typical village by the river Meghna. In the vast green field mile after mile by the river bank, in the picture-like village densely covered with flower, trees, plants and creepers, above all, in touch of nature was my childhood. I remember the playground where I used to play different country games like Dariabandha, Ha-do-do, Gollachhut, Kanamasi, Danguli, hide and seek, football and so on with my playmates. We also played nameless games while bathing and swimming in the river and forgot to return home. The wild joy that I got from playing is unforgettable, incomparable.
Many of my childhood memories are associated with primary school and village Maktab where my best friend was my elder brother. We were serious students, yet were afraid of the result of final exam. When I stood upper than my brother in the merit list I felt very pained for him. Once I climbed up a tree and started singing there. Suddenly looking down, I saw the Arabic teacher (Moulvi) of our Maktab was standing there. That day I was so ashamed that I could not go to Maktab for a few days.
I was ever-curious about everything in my childhood. I used to look for nest of bird. Once I collected a young crane from a nest and reared it for some days and then let it fly away. When, new baby cow or baby goat was born somewhere around our house, I felt much wondered and would go there to visit every day. I also sowed seed of different flowers and vegetables and noticed everyday how they sprouted and grew little by little. During the stormy days of summer, I always kept an eye for mango to be dropped down and picked it up. Now I learn that green mangoes are tasty only in the childhood days.
With the advent of rainy season, water in river rose day by day and, at one stage, reached near our house. Then I used to catch fish by angling and used to bath with a great amusement twice or thrice a day.
Bhaishakhi fair was the long waited occasion in the year where I spent all my savings buying different attractive toys. The most pathetic memory of my childhood is having sense of death. When I understood for the first time that, like everybody, I also must die, I often used to cry hiding myself but nobody knew why.
I think the childhood memory is lively and evident to everyday and never to be destroyed. It is always the source of joy and personal education to all. It is always present with us as Julian Barnes says, ”Memories of childhood were the dreams that stayed with you after you woke.”

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