A Day Laborer/ The Life of a Day Laborer

A day laborer is a manual laborer who is hired by the employer on daily basis for minimal wage. They do different kinds of works and all they can employ in their work is physical strength. They are usually employed for agricultural works, construction works, in different projects, in brick fields or for loading and unloading goods in transport section, in busy marketplace, railway stations and bus stand to get things carried from one place to another. Day laborers may be skilled, semi-skilled or unskilled workers. In case of the same works in the same fields, their wages are pre-fixed. In other cases, employers can haggle with them to determine their labor charge. There also sits labor bazaar, especially, in the morning in different crowded points where laborers sits together with their tools like spade, basket etc. From there, employers can choose their required worker by haggling. However, day laborers are lower class people and most of them live from hand to mouth. When they cannot go out to search work due to foul weather, or fail to manage work, they have to starve or pass the day in hardship. This is the common picture of their lifestyle age by age. They live in hut in the villages or in slum in the towns. They never dream of getting more and more but are satisfied with what they earn. Probably, this is the reason why they are much happier than many millionaires. They do not deserve social dignity but their contribution is not negligible in building up civilization.

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