Computer is the latest wonderful invention of modern science. Actually, it is an electronic brain. It can do things hundreds of times faster than man’s brain can. But it has no capacity to do anything itself if operators do not command it. Computer was not invented overnight. This machine is the result of untiring efforts of many scientists age by age. Computer is mainly divided into three parts- CPU, Monitor and Keyboard. Besides, mouse and printer are the essential part of a computer. Moreover, many input and output devices can be added to computer to perform different functions. Like a TV screen, Monitor shows what is asked computer to do. Some functions of computer are receiving, processing and giving output of information. High speed, correctness, accuracy, reliability, memory, automation etc. are the main characteristics of computer. However, computer has brought about a revolutionary change in the whole world. There is no sphere of life where computer is not used. Internet connection with computer has brought another revolution in the field of communication and turned the world into a global village. It has lessened the burden of work, made the world fastest and man’s life easy and comfortable. Day by day modern civilization is getting more and more dependent on computer. In a word, we are living in the age of computer.

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