A Winter Morning

A winter morning has a special charm to everybody in respect of regular flow of life in winter season. Apparently the morning in winter starts late as people are usually in the habit of getting up late. Naturally the sky remains foggy and with the rising process of the sun, the fog gradually disappears. Thus lively movement of the working people begins. Dew drops keep falling all night long and when these drops fall on the grassy meadows, they glitter in the rays of sun looking like pearl. The common scene of a winter morning is the cold stricken people trying to warm themselves by wearing wrapper or basking in the sun. Sometimes the old and children are seen making fire and sit around it to make them warm for a while. When the fog is much thicker, everything around seems to be vague and is hardly be seen. As a result transports starting to long journeys fall prey to navigation problem and even meet with accident. In the countryside, it is a pick hour to collect date juice from the plants. A tree climber collecting juice from the pot hanging with the date plant is a charming picture of a winter morning. Chirping of numerous guest birds of different sizes and colors add to the beauty of winter morning. In fine, whatever may a winter morning be— pleasant or unpleasant—it is certainly dull and meaningless to the people who do not have sufficient warm clothes.

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