A Rickshaw Puller/The Life of a Rickshaw Puller

Generally speaking, a rickshaw is a non-motorized vehicle and the person who earns livelihood by driving rickshaw is called a rickshaw puller or rickshaw runner. As rickshaw is mainly a human powered vehicle, a rickshaw puller has to do hard manual labor to carry passenger for minimal charge. Because of being a slow motioned vehicle many countries had outlawed rickshaw with the process of technological advancement. Yet, where this vehicle still exists, for example, in Bangladesh and India, it is a very popular form of transport and rickshaw pullers are familiar figure there both in towns and villages. Rickshaw is a cheap means of transportation and a rickshaw puller earns very little by which he can keep body and soul together with his family. They hardly think to save something for future. So they have to work in fair weather or foul in need of living. In town, they live in the slum area being deprived of facilities for town life. Though they are lower section of people they play an important role in our communication to short distance. Haggling over rickshaw-fare with the passenger is a common scenario in the streets. In the rainy day, rickshaw pullers don’t agree to go to the places as passengers wish or demand too high prices. This may be a bitter experience to many passengers. However, though the rickshaw is turning outdated as a transport day by day, it is still in demand in many countries. Also, the government of a country should not ban rickshaw until they take steps to rehabilitate the rickshaw pullers or replace their vehicles with motorized ones like auto rickshaw.

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