A Railway Station

A railway station is a very important structure in railway communication system. Trains stops here to load and unload passengers and goods. A railway station generally consists of at least one track-side platform and a station building. But the typical railway stations usually have station master’s office, ticket sales office, waiting room, booking office, toilet, departures and arrivals board and so on. A big station may also have other facilities, such as car parking, restaurant or fast food, station security office etc. A railway station is usually a crowded place but when the train arrives it turns overcrowded. Passengers try to get down and get into overtaking others as early as possible. Everywhere is hue and cry of the porters, hawkers, passengers and beggars. When a train fails to reach in time, passengers pass a very boring time and inquire repeatedly about the train at the Inquiry or master’s office. Buying tickets standing in a long queue is a common scene of a railway station. Different food and drink stall, book stall, paper stall and temporary bread and banana shop are familiar picture of the railway station. Usually a railway station has at least double-track line to facilitate traffic movement but there is also station with single track-line. Signaling system in the railway station is very beautiful and attractive and is sighted from a distance. Green, red and yellow signal informs the drivers of the speed at which the train may safely proceed or instructs to stop. Always there are stands for rickshaw, van or auto-rickshaw in the railway station to take the passengers to different directions. In fact, railway station plays a very significant role in the overall communication network of the country. 


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