A Book Fair You Visited

I am always a fair lover. But my passion is with book fair as I think it is the noblest of all fairs and much more than just an enjoyment. Last month I went to visit the Ekushe Book Fair organized by Bangla Academy on its premises. Undoubtedly it is the largest and most popular fair in the country. I reached there at afternoon. This is the time when people usually crowd there. So, I had to stand in a long queue to pass the entrance. I saw that there were many stalls outside the main fair-site inside the academy campus. Those stalls were of food, drinks, different toys, clay things and for medical service. Inside the campus there were hundreds of stalls and pavilions of different book sellers and publishers adorned beautifully. I started to visit the stalls and spent time, especially looking for travel story book and science fiction. I purchased five books wandering about stall to stall on lucrative commission. The environment of the fair inside was well-organized. Under the big banyan tree was a large stage. Programs were on and I spent some time there enjoying recitation and folk song. At a corner was the gossiping site of the newbie writers. Arrival of new books was being announced all the time. I also visited stalls of books for children. It seemed that all the joys of the book fair were there. Children came with their parents dressing themselves colorfully wearing mask and were looking for ghost book, fairy tale and so on. After the evening, I was taking snacks from a stall when I saw a crowd nearby. Approaching there, I saw that famous writer Humayun Ahmed was sitting there in a stall. There were many books I chose but my pocket did not allow me to buy. At about 8 p.m., I left fair for home with a dissatisfied mind hopping to come back again next year.

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