Traffic Jam


                             Traffic Jam                           

Paragraph Traffic jam as Homework

Sometimes running traffics get clogged in the roads and highways due to some obstacles, this is called traffic jam. When traffic Jam occurs, long lines of vehicles are seen motionless helplessly waiting to rush forward. It is a very common and bitter problem, especially to the townsmen. Traffic jam creates untold suffering to the people going to their work places. All the routine works fall disordered. As a result, thousands of work hours are wasted. Ambulances also stand still with serious patients. Passengers inside buses and cars suffer terribly during the hot days. However, the main reasons for traffic jam are narrow roads and streets in proportion to vehicles, unlicensed and defective vehicles, random parking on the road, setting up temporary shops on the road, violating traffic rules by the drivers and negligence of traffic police in duty and so on. Besides, traffic signal also creates regular traffic jam for some time. However, to avoid traffic jam effective measures should be taken against these problems. But the solution may not be very easy for a country because there are reasons which are related to the socio-economic condition and prevailing infrastructure of a country. This is why; traffic jam has turned into people’s constant company in many countries because government itself seems to be helpless at the teeth of this problem.


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