Mobile Phone

Mobile phone is a wonderful scientific device in modern communication system. We can speak to others from one corner of the world to another within a moment through this wireless phone system. It has changed the whole world overnight. It is saving our time, has made our life easier and faster and, above all, has brought about a revolutionary change in time. Nowadays mobile phone has become an essential daily appliance. All ages and stages of people including students, workers, house wives, children and even beggar use mobile phone to communicate even to little distance. Due to easily available internet connection with mobile phone, it has opened a new horizon to its users. Apart from making phone call, it is now being used for taking photo, video and audio recording and playing, making video call, watching TV, sending SMS and MMS, internet surfing, playing high quality of games and to serve many more purposes. Mobile banking, bill payment and sending money using mobile network have made our life more comfortable and carefree. But this mobile phone is also being misused. The anti-socials use it to control their crime networks. Students, children and youths are being addicted to internet, especially, in facebook putting off their studies. Obscene pictures throughout the internet are leading the youths go astray and spreading cyber crime. Despite some abuses, human being has taken this essential tool for everyday life as a blessing of science.

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