Sometimes, electricity discontinues due to shortage of supply. Simply this occurrence is called load-shedding. Load-shedding is a common affair in the countries where power generation is not sufficient compared to demand. It is an unwanted and bitter experience the common people have to face, in most of the cases, without any notice. And this brings about unbearable sufferings to their daily life. The main reason for load-shedding is less production of electricity that cannot fulfil the total demand of a country and this problem is acute where demand is increasing but production is not. Moreover, faulty electric supply system and power wastage are also responsible for load-shedding. Due to load-shedding, regular flow of life comes to a standstill. Mills and factories have to stop production. Power-based machines fall motionless. Lightless night and fanless summer snatch away peaceful flow of life for some time. Students suffer a lot for load-shedding at the time of study. Whatever the problem may be, to stop load-shedding, there is no alternative to establishing more power plants. Besides, power wastage must be stopped. However, this picture of load-shedding is common in the developing countries. Certainly, the developed countries of the world hardly suffer from power deficiency.

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