Early Rising/Benefits of Early Rising

Early rising means waking up from bed early in the morning. It is a very good habit is expected to be formed in every man’s life. Rising early is conducive both to body and mind. An early riser can enjoy the fresh morning air full of oxygen; can have a walk or take exercise in the calm and quiet environment. As a result, he/she can start the day with a mind full of joy. On the contrary, a late riser is always deprived of this blessing of nature. He cannot enjoy the beautiful pacific nature, rising of the sun on the vast blue sky and walking by the side of the flowing river. However, the early risers can always perform their duties properly in time. If students can rise early, they can find enough time to study with full attention. There are many people who only plan to rise early year by year but cannot. Actually it is just a matter of habit. If anybody succeeds in rising early for some days by force or by the help  of others, rising early will sure to become a habit with him. After all, no one should keep late hours but do all things early. This is only possible if one starts his day early. Finally early rising is so important that there is an English proverb saying, “Early to bed and early to rise; Makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.”

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