Air Pollution


Paragraph Air pollution as Homework

                         Air Pollution                        

Air is one of the most important elements of our environment. No living being can survive without air. Man cannot live more than a few seconds without air. But this life saving air is being polluted by man in many ways. Human civilization is developing but civilized human being is continuously oppressing on environment, especially, on air with his uncivilized acts and thus leading him to danger. However, air can be polluted in many ways. Among them the first and foremost reason is smoke coming out from motor vehicles, mills and factories, brick-fields and melted pitch while constructing road. Besides fumes from paint, hair spray, varnish, aerosol spray etc. also cause air pollution emitting harmful fact gases. Moreover, human wastes thrown into dumping station are also polluting air. Whatever may the causes be, air pollution is a constant threat to our existence and has now become a matter of great concern to the world. This is because, by inhaling polluted air men are suffering from various diseases like respiratory infection, heart disease, stroke, lung cancer, coughing, asthma, difficulty in breathing etc. Air pollution also results in greenhouse effect which is one of the powerful factors for global climate change. However, preventing air pollution is the demand of time to keep our earth livable. Many international conferences regarding this have already been held and should be held. But, above all, man should be conscious against air pollution. Who can destroy or build the earth except man?

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