A Tea Stall

A tea stall is a very well-known scene in both towns and villages. It is essential as well as popular to all classes of people. So, tea stalls are seen in every place— in railway station, in the market place, beside bus stop and launch ghat, at the corner of a road or by the side of lanes and by-lanes. Apparently, it is a small shop and not well-furnished. Only some chairs and tables are placed there for the customers to sit on. Prepared tea and necessary snacks like bread, biscuits, banana etc. are sold here. Either the owner himself or a boy serves tea and other things to the customers. A kettle boiling water is always seen put on the cooker to prepare tea. However, a tea stall is not only a tea-taking place; it is a place of gathering of common people too. Usually a tea stall opens in the morning and closes late at night. There are some people who routinely visit tea stall and cannot but go there despite having scope to take tea at home. Now-a-days most of the tea stalls have TV sets. So, people come here also to pass their time. They refresh themselves by drinking tea, make fun by gossiping and at the same time, entertain themselves by watching TV. To conclude, a tea stall is a social structure of our tea culture and; hence, an essential part of our social life. 

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