A School Library

There is a big well-arranged library in our school. It is on the second floor of the main building of the school. The room is opened on two sides by window. So, light and air easily enter the room which has made the room comfortable to read in. There are a number of chairs and tables, two ceiling fans and five book-shelves in it. Books of different tastes and categories are arranged separately in the shelves. There are different kinds of books in our school library, such as novel, poetry, story, science fiction, travel story, biography, comics, religious books and different reference books. Besides, two dailies are supplied regularly. All kinds of books of our academic interest are also available here. So, we can both prepare our lessons and study out-of-text books sitting in the library. A librarian is always on his duty at the entrance of the room. We must maintain discipline in the library and making a noise and chatting is strictly prohibited. We can borrow any books from our library; but for this, we are to take library card. There is a rich collection of about 5000 books in it. Whenever we find time- during leisure or off period, we feel free entering the library as it is not only the center-house of knowledge and education but a center for recreation too. To conclude, a library is an essential part of a school and every school should have one.

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