A Rainy Day

Paragraph A rainy day as Homework
 A rainy day is the day when it rains continuously or continually all day long. In this day, black and white cloud overcasts the sky leaving the earth darkish. Showers of rain, sometimes with roar of clouds, continue all the day. People are helplessly forced to give up all their routine works. The regular flow of life is hampered. A rainy day creates a mixed reaction in people’s minds. When rains come down after the scorching heat of summer, it passes a refreshing touch of peace on earth. Many people like to enjoy the day staying at home and feel relaxed leaving the burden of work. Many start to get to their offices and work places using umbrella. Students can hardly go to schools and colleges. So, classes are hampered and sometimes remain closed. So it is the day of joy to them. The rainy day is an important day to the poet to write about. But the poor suffer a lot as they cannot go out in search of works. Many day laborers spend the day in fasting. Due to heavy rainfall, waterlogging is an usual event which causes discomfort to people. However, a rainy day may be a unique time of enjoyment to those who are not at all anxious of their breadearning. But it is no how lovable to the poor working section of people.


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