A Good Teacher

Generally, teacher means someone who teaches in school, college or university. Hence, a good teacher is a person who possesses good skill in his subject as well as has moral qualities and necessarily can distribute them to the students skilfully. A good teacher not only teaches but also inspires the students to learn. He/she always tries to discover the hidden talent of the students and helps them to be confident about their worth. A teacher is always a model to the students. They consciously or unconsciously follow and, sometimes, imitate him. Reasonably a good teacher is smart, well-spoken and pleasing in manner and appearance. Teaching tactics of a good teacher are always easy and simple. His/her moral values, punctuality, discipline and good behavior spread among the students in a natural way. During teaching, a good teacher has to play the role of on actor, as a friend and even of a guardian. He/she is always honest, sincere and dutiful. Teachers are the builders of a nation. No doubt, a good teacher is an asset to a country. Therefore, a country needs more and more good teachers to build up an educated nation with moral values.


Famous messages


He who angers you conquers you.

― Elizabeth Kenny

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