A Garment Worker/The Life of a Garment Worker

A Garment worker is a very well-known figure in our country. They are ill-paid employee working in the readymade garment industries. All kinds of workers– educated or uneducated; skilled, unskilled or semiskilled get opportunity to work in the garment factories. It is observed that most of the garment workers are woman and they work for a small wages with which they can keep body and soul together with their families. Around their working areas, garment workers are seen first in the morning going to their work places in group. They usually have to work from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. which is certainly violation of international law regarding daily work hour. Besides, they have to work overtime compulsorily. They hardly get any leave with payment. As they are ill paid, they live in hardship with their families. In most of the garment factories workers don’t have security and they have to work in dirty environment and usually take their lunch sitting on the roof which is very unhygienic. Moreover, they do not get wage and bonus due time. Yet they cannot get organized because they are not allowed to form trade union. As a result, they are frequently found revolting against the owners for their demands. However, despite a lot of adversities, many unemployed and uneducated men and women can dream of living their life narrowly by working in a garment factory.

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