A Bus Stand

A bus stand is a very important site in the modern communication system. It is the halting and standing place for the buses. Passengers get into and get down from the bus through a bus stand. A bus stand is an ever crowded place. Hue and cry of the passengers, shouting by the bus helpers, movement of porters, beggars and vagabond are the common scene of a bus stand. Most of the bus stands have passenger-shed but where there is no shed, passengers have to suffer much all in rain and sun. The most common scene of a bus stand is the passengers standing in a long queue to buy tickets from the counter. In the city there are numerous bus stands and counters that cause traffic jam very often. In the countryside it is a very common picture that a temporary or permanent bazaar has been centered round the bus stand. However, a bus stand is not always a secured place. Thieves, snatchers, pick-pockets and different kinds of cheats are always active to cause a great harm to the passengers. In the night, some bus stand turns into a haunt for the anti-socials. If the police on duty remain alert common passengers can be saved from their clutch. In fine, the importance of communication by road and highway is increasing day by day. Reasonably the importance of bus stand is on the increase.

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