Price-hike/Price Spiral

Price-hike means abnormal up-going of the prices of necessary commodities. Almost every country of the world faces this problem. This problem may arise at national or international level as well as in definite marketing system. Whatever may the level be, the worst sufferers of price-hike are the low-earner poor people and those who live from hand to mouth. Especially, when the prices of rice, pulse, flour, oil, vegetables, onion, garlic, potato, milk, egg, fruits and all kinds of daily necessaries go up, it affects the life of common people terribly. They have to face unbearable sufferings. As a result, many people cannot maintain their families properly. The fixed-paid wage earners can hardly make both ends meet. There are many reasons for price-hike. Less production or supply of things than demand is the primary reason of price-hike. Besides, over-price of things in international market, increasing production cost, transportation crisis and political unrest in a definite country cause the problem of price-hike. Moreover, some dishonest business syndicates try to hoard things to draw quick profit out of it and make prices go up. To solve this problem government should take effective steps. But this may not always be very easy. Sometimes even government seems to be helpless to face the challenge of the evil-doers.

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