Question type-1: Write a dialogue between two friends about their hobbies.

Question type-2: Suppose you are Habib. One of your friends is Tareq. On a holiday you met Tareq in the playground when he bore a flower in his hand. On asking Tareq said that he liked gardening and that flower was from his garden. Now,

Write a dialogue between you and your friend about your hobbies

Suggested answer:
A dialogue between Habib and Tareq about their hobbies:

Habib : Hi Tareq, I was looking for you for a long time. Why so late coming to field? It’s a holiday.
Tareq : As it is holiday, I was working in the garden.
Habib : Oh, a fine fresh flower in your hand. Let me see.
Tareq : This rose is from my garden.
Habib : Excellent! Sweet smell! You seem to be serious in gardening. Is it your hobby?
Tareq : Exactly, I cannot think anything else as my hobby.
Habib : What are the flowers that you have planted in your garden?
Tareq : Rose, Bely, Gandharaj, Hasna hena, China rose, Jui and many other flowers.
Habib : How do you get benefited from your hobby?
Tareq : I always enjoy working in the garden. Gardening keeps me fresh and joyful. Actually, smell of fresh flower is food of my mind.
Habib : I also like flower as well as gardening. But my hobby is unlike yours.
Tareq : What is it?
Habib : Photography.
Tareq : Photography! But I never saw any camera with you.
Habib : As you are my new friend, you may not have seen.
Tareq : Oh, I see. What kinds of snap do you like to take?
Habib : Natural scenery, lifestyle of simple-minded common people and so on?
Tareq : Really excellent and praiseworthy. Why did you choose this hobby?
Habib : Nature always attracts me. Photography is my pleasure, photography is my passion. Like yours, it is food of my mind. I try to discover myself in nature.
Tareq : Wonderful! May you be a famous photographer in future.
Habib : Thank you. Let’s start playing now.


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SOURCE: Dialogue⇒ dialogue between two friends about their hobbies.

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