Question type-1: Write a dialogue between two friends about necessity/importance of physical exercise

Question type-2: Suppose you are Riad. One of your friends is Zihad. Once in the early morning you came up with Zihad who was taking physical exercise in the open field then. Now,

Write a dialogue between you and your friend about the necessity/importance of physical exercise

Suggested answer:
A dialogue between Riad and Zihad about importance of physical exercise:

Riad : Hi Zihad, where are you coming from in this early morning?
Zihad : Why? Don’t you know I take physical exercise regularly in the open field?
Riad : Physical exercise! I simply know that it is good for health. Would you tell me about it in detail?
Zihad : Certainly, physical exercise helps us to grow properly. Because of movement of the limbs of our body, it makes us physically strong and fit for work.
Riad : Really! Any more benefits?
Zihad : Yes, it improves blood circulation and increases digest power.
Riad : Then it is really a good habit. But how can I start exercise? I have no equipment. Can you suggest any?
Zihad : Oh, it is not essential. There are many forms of physical exercise. Initially, You can do many free-hand exercises like walking, running, jogging and so on.
Riad : Would you help me start exercising?
Zihad : How can I help you?
Riad : Every morning you will take me with you to the field, ok?
Zihad : Ok.

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