Question type-1: Write a dialogue between you and a shopkeeper

Question type-2: Suppose you have gone to market to buy some daily necessaries. Now,

Write a dialogue between you and a shopkeeper

Suggested answer:
A dialogue between myself and a shopkeeper:

Myself : Hello brother, please listen to me.
Shopkeeper: Yes! How can I help you?
Myself : How much is fine rice?
Shopkeeper: We have good quality of Najir Shail rice; 50 taka per kg.
Myself : Please show me sample.
Shopkeeper: Here it is.
Myself : Ok, give me 10 kgs.
Shopkeeper: What more do you need?
Myself : How much is good quality of polao rice? I also need two kgs of packed-flour.
Shopkeeper: Please, look. Here is, just before you, the best quality of polao rice in the market.
Myself : Oh, this will not do. Do you have packed polao rice produced by Essential Marketing?
Shopkeeper: Yes, one-kg packet is Tk. 120.00 and two-kg packet Tk. 235.00.
Myself : OK, give me two-kg packet.
Shopkeeper: Here is your polao rice and flour. Do you have any bag to take fine rice, brother?
Myself : Sorry, brother. Give me a bag; I will pay for it.
Shopkeeper: Please wait………. Here is your rice.
Myself : How much do all these things cost?
Shopkeeper: Here is your bill.
Myself : Ok, here is the money.
Shopkeeper:Thank you very much. Come again.


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