Question type-1: Write a dialogue between a patient and a doctor.

Question type-2: Suppose a patient has gone to consult a doctor for his various health problems. Now,

Write a dialogue between a patient and a doctor

Suggested answer:
A dialogue between a patient and a doctor:

Patient: May I come in, sir?
Doctor: Yes, come in. What is your problem?
Patient: I have cold fever, doctor, with acute cough. I have also a bad headache.
Doctor: How long are you suffering from fever?
Patient: For three days. I don’t feel like eating anything for two days, doctor.
Doctor: Let me check your temperature. Did you take any tablet by this time?
Patient: Yes, I took Napa extra—one each for three times a day.
Doctor: Does rheum come out while coughing?
Patient: No, doctor. Rheum rarely comes out. Probably, I have dry cough.
Doctor: How is your stool and urine?
Patient: As usual, sir.
Doctor:Come hitcher; lie on the bed.
Patient: OK…..
Doctor: Let me check. Unbutton your shirt……. Breathe in and breathe out.
Patient: OK……
Doctor: OK, get up; take your seat.
Patient: What is my problem, doctor? Anything serious?
Doctor: Don’t worry. Not so serious. I am prescribing you somemedicine. Take the medicine as exactly as I prescribe you. If your condition does not improve in four days; have the tests done and meet me again, OK?
Patient: OK, I’ll certainly follow your advice to the point. Now, what is your fee, sir?
Doctor: Tk. 500.00
Patient: Here is the money. Thank you.


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