A Moonlit Night

A Moonlit Night paragraph

When the sky is cloudless, the light of moon floods the world. This is called moonlit night. A moonlit night appears before us with its full beauty and attraction in the night of full moon. A moonlit night creates a dreamy and mystic atmosphere. Everything seems to be like vague and hazy picture. Villages, houses, trees, hills and rivers of distant places appear to be sleeping being covered with wrapper. Many things and objects assume a ghostly look. Many people like to enjoy the moonlit night wandering about here and there. Some people gather on the roof and enjoy singing and staring at the moon surrounded by the sparkling stars. A moonlit night is one of the most attractive themes for the poets and artists for their creative works. Gentle breeze, sweet smell of flower, the full moon looking like a silver saucer, movement of the nocturnal birds in the moonlit night —all create a romantic environment which are attracting them age by age. There are many objects and scenery that look more charming if we look at them through moonlit night. The Tajmahal appears with its most enchanting beauty only on the moonlit night. However, we hardly think that this heatless soft light is serving us from the beginning of the creation free of cost.


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