Tree Plantation

At present, tree plantation is a crying need all over the world. It is quite impossible for man and animal to be existed in the world without the help of trees. Trees give us food, fruit, timber, wood, medicine etc. It also gives us life-saving oxygen to breathe in. Moreover, trees prevent soil erosion, make the land fertile, save us from cyclones, floods, droughts etc. and prevent global warming. Trees are called our real friend. Yet men are not planting but cutting down trees without consideration. As a result, the world is being led to ruin and becoming unlivable day by day. Therefore, it is the demand of time to plant more and more trees as well as spread away tree plantation program to every comer of the world. But merely planting trees is not enough. All have to take care of trees after planting to let them grow. All conscious people know that a country needs 25% forest of its total land area. But the world lacks the amount. If we can fulfill the demand by planting trees, our globe is sure to turn into a safer place to live-in.

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