A Fisherman/The Life of a Fisherman

Homework as paragraph life of fisherman
The fishermen are very important section of people in our society. They live by catching and selling fishes and thus provide us with essential protein for our living. Usually, a fisherman lives by the side of a river or a sea. They always remain busy in fishing with boats and nets and sometimes in making and repairing their fishing nets. The fishermen are lower-class people. They can hardly go beyond thinking of keeping body and soul together. Most of the fishermen who fish especially in the sea do not have their own nets and boats. They work with the owners for wage. Fishing in the sea is very challenging and risky. Every year, many fishermen die falling prey to storm and have watery grave. Though the fishermen work by day and night, they lead a miserable life. Most of them are illiterate. They live in huts densely-set with one another and are quite unconscious about their health, food and their children’s education. If the government took step to give them interest-free loan, their standard of life could improve.

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