A Farmer/The Life of a Farmer
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The farmers are the provider of food stuff to mankind. Hence, they are the most important section of people in our society. They are the people who work hard all day long, in rain and sun, to produce our food. They cultivate land, sow seeds, take care of them and then harvest and thus, they grow different kinds of crops. In our country, the farmers play the most important role in country’s economy. But farming is not considered an honorable job here. Our farmers live mainly in lower-class society. Those who don’t have enough land can only think of keeping body and soul together. Most of the farmers of our country are ignorant and they don’t know the scientific method of cultivation. They cannot think of using power-tiller and water pump to produce more crops to upgrade their lives. Natural calamities like flood, drought, cyclone etc. greatly influence their agricultural production and their way of life. But this situation is changing day by day. Now, the government is more helpful to the farmers in giving loans as well as providing necessary facilities. So, we can hope that the life of a farmer will come to a decent level in near future.


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