Drug Addiction

Addiction means strong attraction for any harmful thing. In general sense, drug addiction means acute attraction for taking drugs like heroin, phensidyle, cocaine, opium, marizoana etc. by smoking or through injection. Nowadays these drugs have grasped our young generation. It is not only a national but also a global problem. When a person takes drug he feels a great joy for a short time but later on, he feels acute pain in body, loses appetite, physical weight and mental balance which lead him/her to death. Frustration is the main reason for a person to enter into this dreadful drug world. Drugs are very expensive. The addict cannot afford to buy them and therefore he has to commit social crime to arrange money. An addict can rarely come back to natural life from his dreamland. But at present, there are many addict-care centers for their treatment. To remove this problem, illegal trafficking, buying and selling and using of all kinds of drugs should strictly be prohibited. Besides, every family side by side government should come forward to solve this problem. But first of all needs creating public awareness. 

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