A School Magazine

Many renowned schools publish a magazine once a year and sometimes irregularly. It is called school magazine. Only the teachers and the students of the school write for the magazine. It contains stories, poems, comics, rhymes and all kinds of articles. Usually teachers write something related to their school subjects. It also focuses developments, achievements and extra curricular activities of the school in the previous year. It is a great scope both for the teachers and students to prove their writing faculty through the magazine. Publishing a magazine is a matter of great joy for a school. But It is really a difficult task to publish it. For this purpose, a magazine committee is formed first in a general meeting in participation of the teachers and interested students. Then the duties to collect, select and edit writings and for printing are given to the persons qualified in respective fields. However, a magazine is of  great importance to a school. When the teachers and students find their writings in the magazine in print, they feel proud, amused and at the same time confident. A magazine shows the school like a mirror. So, every well-to-do school should publish a yearly magazine. 

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